About Chocaccino

As complete chocoholics we always dreamt of spending all day every day surrounded with sweet treats, when one day it all became a reality. We took over a lovely little café in Plymouths old town, the Barbican, and started to make fresh cakes and scrumptious hot chocolate. As we learnt how popular chocolate was we then went to learn about chocolate making at the Callebaut Chocolate Academy and we were off. Since then we have never looked back. We are so very passionate about what we do and just love creating chocolates, cakes and all things, well, chocolate!

Now our life of chocolate is becoming not just chocolate but Art. We are always looking for new inspiration and experimenting with new flavours and techniques. We never realised how vast the world of chocolate is, doors are always opening and we look forward to progressing on our journey


The wedding cakes, (the newest part of the business) are really special- people just can’t believe they are chocolate. But we wouldn’t use anything but!

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